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School Health

GHNU implements a school health project which aims at promoting the health of school children and the school community. The program is implemented through school health clubs which are designed to promote personal responsibility for health, especially in the areas of reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, sanitation and hygiene, life skills, physical health, and emotional health. Currently the school club activities are being implemented in 14 primary schools.

Global Health Network (U) offers guidelines on establishing school health-clubs, activities to identify health issues in schools and to take steps to improve health and learning. The Project officers and school administration work together to ensure:

  • Students involvement and staff in generating ideas and developing a vision for action for their health clubs
  • Goals and objectives are defined
  • Development of health-club action plans
  • Document progress and plan for the future
  • School leaders are encouraged to adopt recommendations and strategies for the needs, resources and mandates of their individual schools.

1. To promote the following among club pupils and the wider school community:

  • Personal responsibility for one’s health
  • Accurate knowledge of HIV/AIDS, its transmission and effects
  • Responsible sexual behavior to avoid infection (including changing high risk behavior)

2. To organize health related activities:

  • Visits to health centers and homes
  • Talks from health professionals
  • School Health Days, Weeks, etc
  • Health Oriented Competitions
  • Support for those living within the community who have long term illnesses.

3. To have the information and support resources to respond to the following needs:

  • First Aid
  • Professional Health Services
  • Spiritual and emotional support in matters relating to health
  • Development of School Health Library
Accomplishments from last 6 months
  • 5 schools have been mobilized through the School Health Program
  • 9 new primary schools have been identified for the School Health Program
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