Our Work

GHN(U) is headquartered in Oyam district- in Northern Uganda, with a liaison office in Kampala; and has a mandate to operate in 4 districts (Oyam, Kole, Dokolo and Otuke). However, currently it operates only in Oyam district but has plans to expand its program to Kole district, next financial year and subsequently to the rest of the country as and when it can, especially to those districts that continue to struggle with negative health and social-economic outcomes. 

GHN(U) envisions a society in which a healthy life is a reality; a society that appreciates, respects and celebrates all life and diversity; a society that encourages and supports local talents and abilities; a society where the rights of people guide the policy and decisions that impact on our lives.

GHN(U)’s approach is working with rural communities and stakeholders to achieve ‘health for all’ and sustainable development. Communities are the primary target of any development initiative. The organization collaborates and networks with the local governments, local NGO’s, academic institutions, research institutes, donor agencies and the private sector to build on the synergies that exist so as to maximize the utilization of the limited resources for maximum output and benefit for the targeted population.

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