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Monitoring and Evaluation

GHN(U) Goal

To contribute to the reduction of neonatal, child and maternal morbidity and mortality in Oyam District of Uganda through increased use of key maternal and infant/child services and practices by 2021.

Maternal & Child Health Objective

To contribute to the increase in knowledge and access to quality maternal and child health (MCH) services and supplies at the community and facility levels to 70%​​​​​.

  • Sample Indicator #1 – Number of community health workers (VHTs) trained
  • Sample Indicator #2 – Percentage of mothers who received 3 ANC visits from trained health personnel during the last pregnancy (recommended by WHO Africa Bureau)
  • Sample Indicator #3 – % of mothers who know at least 2 danger signs of pregnancy, labor and postpartum period
Sanitation & Hygiene Objective

To contribute to the increase of knowledge and strategies for improved community sanitation and hygiene behavior to 90% of catchment sub-counties.

  • Sample Indicator #1 – Number of sanitation community dialogues hosted
  • Sample Indicator #2 – Number of households that comply with all 10 sanitation and hygiene recommendations
  • Sample Indicator #3 – Average # of diarrhea cases recorded per child per year among beneficiary families
Livelihood Objective

To initiate and support livelihood programs to address poverty concerns that underlie the causes of high infant, child and maternal mortality/morbidity in Oyam District​.

  • Sample Indicator #1 – Number of loans delivered through Village Savings & Loan Association groups
  • Sample Indicator #2 – Total income earned through each piggery project
  • Sample Indicator #3 – Number of people lifted out of extreme poverty
School Health Objective

To conduct school health programs to reach out to young people in schools for improved physical and sexual health outcomes.

  • Sample Indicator #1 – Number of reusable sanitary pads delivered
  • Sample Indicator #2 – Number of students receiving health education through GHN (U)’s School Health Program
  • Sample Indicator #3 – Percentage of students who can name all the food groups in a well-rounded meal
GHN(U) Logic Model
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