Global Health Network (U)

“Together we can attain health for all”

GHN(U) is a charity, nonprofit organization founded in 2008 by a network of international researchers and health activists and registered in Uganda in 2010. It works to promote health and improve life among community members through providing wrap-around services. GHN(U) believes that the best way to achieve health for all is through community based innovations that enhance local capacity to prevent disease, as well as through the strengthening of local governance to ensure sustainability. Currently it works in Oyam district supporting health and livelihood activities.

“GHN envisions a society in which a healthy life is a reality; a society that appreciates, respects, and celebrates all life and diversity; a society that encourages and supports local talents and abilities; a society where the rights of the people guide the policy and decisions that impact our lives”

GHN Vision Statement

“To promote, protect, and preserve the health of all Ugandans through good leadership, public-private partnerships, innovation, and concerted action in primary health care and reproductive health”

GHN Mission Statement